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Google is my downfall. Well, one of them anyway. I have many. But Google may take the cake. Google is the reason why I decided to make burp cloths and a cloth ring tower stacking thingy and a quilt for my soon-to-arrive nephew. I haven’t even met the kid yet and he already has me wrapped around his little finger. This does not bode well for later in life….but I digress. Where was I? Oh yeah, burp cloths.

So several months ago I was pondering what to get my brother & sister-in-law for her baby shower and was perusing their registry. Normally I am all about the registry when it comes to buying gifts – especially baby gifts since I don’t have any of the “I’m a mom so trust me this product is way better than the one you registered for” kind of opinions. I figure if the mom-to-be picks it out, who am I to argue? But as I was sitting there pondering my options I felt like none of them were really sufficiently amazing to convey how freaking excited I am about my nephew and the fact that my little younger brother is going to be a dad. So I did the thing that you should never do unless you are prepared to spend some serious quality time with your sewing machine and I googled “handmade baby gifts.”


Yeah…It was like the worldwide interwebs issued me a personal challenge that day and I looked it square in the eye and said “oh yeah? Well, I’ll see you your burp cloths and raise you a gift or two. So there.”

The burp cloths were the easiest project and probably the most fun, if only because I’m a sucker for instant gratification and each one is really quick to complete. I followed this tutorial from Dana Made It, which I won’t bore you by recreating since hers is really good and worth checking out. 

Because presentation counts, I bundled the cloths into three groups of four, based on color, and then whipped together a quick “belly band” for each bundle.

Dana suggested making your own labels, which I thought was a brilliant idea. The labels were very easy to make  - just buy some Colorfast Fabric Sheets for your printer and you can print whatever design you want on them – and I think they make the final product look nice and polished. Plus you know me – I’m all about getting credit for my crafting!


So there you have it – part 1 of the handmade baby gift bonanza! Stay tuned next week for the ring stacker project, featuring templates, circles and lots of quality time with a seam ripper!


One Response to Handmade baby gifts bonanza: Part 1

  1. Penny Brewer says:

    Like the new take on burp cloths– in the pre-paper diaper days, we used doubled/thick cloth diapers!

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